Demo: OnDemandGrid Comparison

This page demonstrates tweaking common options provided by OnDemandGrid. The grids on this page use a dstore/RequestMemory store with a modified fetchRange method that introduces a delay to the response in order to better illustrate the differences. Scroll each grid top to bottom and back again multiple times paying attention to how the rows are rendered.

Grid with reduced farOffRemoval

This grid will remove rows once they are over 500 pixels away from the viewport. Notice the delays in rendering rows while scrolling both up and down.

Grid with increased farOffRemoval and minRowsPerPage

This grid will never remove rows, as farOffRemoval has been set to a value higher than the total height of the results. It also has minRowsPerPage set to 50 (double the default value), which will result in more items queried (and rows rendered) at a time. Once all of the rows have been rendered, you should see no delays while scrolling.